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Get Affordable Window Treatments and More in Wilmington, NC. We  carry a full line of specialty window treatments and window coverings for many applications. From skylight window coverings and specialty shapes to motorization and window treatment customization, call Affordable Blinds and More today for Wilmington’s Top Quality, Best Selection and Low Price Leader in Custom Specialty Window Treatments Today!

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Plantation shutters that we offer to Wilmington have many features and options. The real wood plantation shutters can have french door cut-outs like the far left plantation shutters in the photograph above. They are great for doors because the shutters are ad-fixed to the door on the top and bottom of the window treatment. You will not get the clanking around when opening the door like you do with blinds. The invisible tilt option is very sleek and contemporary. With the invisible tilt option there is no need for tilt rods attached to each plantation shutter louver as seen in the picture above. Plantation shutters can come stained, painted, distressed and poly-coated. Our plantation shutters can be motorized with a solar panel on the back so that you will not have to replace the batteries as often.

Plantation shutters come in many styles. Cafe style plantation shutters only cover the bottom half of the window to give you privacy while the top half of the window is totally open to give you a great view from your window opening. Double tiered plantation shutters gives you the ability to independently hinge the top half of your shutters from the bottom half. Colonial style louvers are offered on our real wood plantation shutters to give a more traditional old style look to your home.

Latches and hidden hinges are a great new addition to all the other options that you can add to your plantation shutters. You can still get the traditional self mortising hinges that come standard with our plantation shutters or add some nice decorative recessed latches or hidden hinges for a more sleek look. Our invisible tilt option is the best in the window treatments industry. The louvers have no play between them with the tight gearing system that comes with our plantation shutters.

A new style of plantation shutters that has hit the market recently is the Norman Woodlore Plus. It is a hybrid plantation shutter. It has composite stiles, top rail and bottom rail with ABS louvers. Norman is able to achieve a 36″ single panel width because of the lighter ABS plantation shutter louvers.

When deciding what type of plantation shutters to choose for your home always make sure that they have stainless steel staples if they come with a tilt rod. Always make sure that the plantation shutters that you may be purchasing have a tension louver. A tension louver is a louver on the plantation shutters that can be tightened or loosed to adjust the tension on them.

Plantation shutters are great for sliding glass doors. They can come with roller track systems so that one plantation shutter panel glides in front of the other. They work just like the sliding glass door. They can also be made like a closet door. They are called by- fold plantation shutters.


These window treatments are one of the most durable window coverings available. Real wood shutters can be made from a variety of North American hardwoods. Mortise and tenon joints are the preferred way to join the top and bottom rails to the side stiles on wood shutters. Mortise and tenon joints are designed to withstand the stress and forces applied when operating a wood shutter. The louver sizes on wood shutters can range between 1 1/4″ to 4 1/2″. Wood shutters come in a variety of textures, colors and stains. Some of the features that wood shutters can have is motorization, hidden tilt, invisible tilt and more. Wood shutters can be made to almost any shape. Arch shaped and round windows are a perfect application for wood shutters. Wood shutters are lighter in weight than composite shutters, therefor the maximum panel width can be wider than composite shutters. Real wood shutters single panel width can be up to 42″.


Composite shutters work wonderful in humid climates. They don’t expand and contract like wood shutters can. Composite shutters come with three louver sizes 2 1/2″, 3 1/2″ and 4 1/2″. Our composite shutters come with a limited lifetime warranty on color fading, warping, pealing and cracking. Composite shutters are the most durable window treatments available today. Most of the composite shutters that we offer have a poly coating on them that can withstand more abuse than painted real wood shutters. Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington loves mortise and tenon joints on all of our composite shutters. We strongly suggest making sure that the composite shutters that you purchase have the mortise and tenon joints on them. Composite shutters cost less and are more durable than real wood shutters. Because Composite shutters weigh more than wood shutters, the maximum single panel width is usually 30″.

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