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Get Affordable Window Shades in Wilmington, NC. We have the best warranties in the window shade industry. Not only do we carry a limited lifetime warranty for most of our window treatments and shades, but we have our own exclusive manufacturer backed “Five Year No Matter What Warranty” on our select series of shades. You can’t get a warranty like this at any other dealer of Custom Window Blinds & Shades in the Wilmington, NC area. That is why Affordable Blinds and More is the areas leader in custom window blinds, shades, treatments and more.

There are many different types of window shades. From honeycomb or cellular shades to woven wood or roman shades. Roller shades or solar shades are some of the most popular.

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Roman shades are the perfect window covering to soften up a room. Roman shades can be made from many fabrics and woven wood materials. They can be cordless and have the top down bottom up feature added to them like most window shades. Roman shades can come hobbled like the above picture or you can purchase them as flat roman shades. Flat roman shades cost about 40% less than hobbled roman shades because hobbled romans require twice the amount of fabric to make as the flat roman shades do. There are thousands of fabrics to choose from when selecting the right roman shades. Get in touch with Affordable Blinds and More of Wilmington, NC to schedule an appointment!


The beach community of Wilmington, NC and the Brunswick County beaches, such as Leland, NC are wonderful areas to use woven wood shades. They are essentially roman shades made from natural woods, jutes, grasses, reeds, rattan, bamboo and other materials from mother nature. Woven wood shades have many options to choose from. Some of the options are the top down bottom up, cordless and liners. Woven wood shades can be lined for privacy with a light filtering liner or lined with blackout lining for rooms that need to be dark during daylight hours. Woven wood materials can be made into drapery panels or put on panel track systems for room dividers or sliding glass doors. When choosing woven wood shades, the possibilities are endless with all the options. Decorative edge banding can added to the edges of the natural woven wood shades for a unique look.


Solar shades are a type of roller shade that has an openess value to it. They are usually made like a screen or mesh. They block UV rays and heat but still let you keep the view that you want to have even when rolled down. Exterior grade solar shades are a popular item in Wilmington Southport, and Leland, NC. They are great for sunrooms and porches. Exterior solar shades are made from non-corrosive materials and can handle the outside elements. They can come cordless, with or without valances, motorized and on cable guides or tracks. Solar shades are durable, contemporary and sleek. Call For a free In-home consultation and we will bring solar shades sampling to your home.


Roller shades are basically the same window treatment as a solar shades are. The difference between them is that solar shades have an openness factor to them and are not as much for privacy as they are for UV protection. Roller shades offer privacy and can come light filtering and room darkening. Roller shades now are not the roller shades that our grandparents used to have. they have come a long way and operate smoothly and are modern and sleek in design. Roller shades can come cordless, motorized and continuous loop beaded chain control.


Sliding panel track systems go really well with roller and solar shades because they can be made from the same fabrics. Sliding panel tracks can also be made with woven wood shade fabrics, so they work well with woven wood or bamboo shades also. Sliding panel tracks are a perfect alternative to vertical blinds. They are affordable and give any room a modern contemporary feel. they can be chain driven or wand control and have many options. Give Affordable Blinds of Wilmington a call for a free in-home consultation to see sampling of our panel track systems.


Window shades have louvers like a blinds do but they are made from a soft panel of fabric that can be light filtering or room darkening. The fabric S-louvers are encompassed between two soft sheer facings of translucent fabric. You can choose 2″, 3″ or 4″ louvers. The  window shades roll up in to a cassette valance and the louvers can be tilted for light control. Window shadings can be motorized, cordless and made in to specialty shapes. The sheer mesh fabric on this type of window shade blocks over 80% of the UV rays even when the louvers are tilted open.


Honeycomb shades or cellular shades are one of the most energy efficient window treatments available in today’s market. It is very popular to get the top down bottom up feature for honeycomb shades. The child safe cordless option is a must have for cellular shades in the Wilmington, NC area. They come in hundreds of colors and textures and can range from sheer to light filtering. Honeycomb shades have the blackout option also so that no light can come through. Cellular shades are ideal for bedrooms and media rooms because they absorb sound and light. Honeycomb shades are light and easy to operate. They work wonderfully in large window openings and skylight applications.

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